I am a blessed man. I have my faith that has helped me make it through difficult times, and has been there to help me rejoice in the good. My wife and I will soon be celebrating our 47th wedding anniversary and along with our children, grandchildren, extended family and good friends, we believe, we all have been blessed. One of the gifts I've received, is the ability to work stone and silver. I generally begin with a stone chosen after holding several, one at a time. The cutting, shaping and polishing begins. I work the stone without any preconceived ideas in mind and so the stone is done, when it's done. Placing the finished stone on sterling silver I begin using templates, curves and compass to draw out and shape the setting. It is at this point that the piece begins to reveal what it will become. Using various hand tools, oxy-acetylene torch, grinders and polishers, the piece is completed, but not done until I've smudged it with white sage. Only when the piece is done, will it be available to buy.

Ismael Pando visiting canyon de chelly
national monument, arizona

Ismael Pando, Silversmith

Liz Pando, Artist